Programmatic Thrusts


THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY AND CULTURE represents a national initiative of cultural importance. We invite individuals, foundations, corporations, and other organizations to join us in a historic endeavor that will impact the nation for generations to come; and tell a more complete American story by looking at the nation’s history through the lens of African American history, culture, and community.

The NIF & Iota Phi Theta joined in concert with the other National Panhellenic Council members (Divine-9) to commit to the National Museum of African-American History & Culture (NMAAHC) funds over the next 5 years and historical artifacts ranging from $100,000.00 -to- $1 million dollars.

Capital Campaign

The capital campaign will include establishment of scholarship endowments, National African American History Museum $100,000 commitment, HQ building fund, Iota Youth Alliance (IYA), and various natural disaster relief effort fund.

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Planned Giving

Enables a donor to confer a gift at the time of their death; or give a large gift immediately while receiving income during the donor’s life.

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Loyalty Fund

NIF has established a Graduate Loyalty Fund whereby members of Iota can directly contribute dollars to the Foundation. The proceeds will be disbursed among various internal fraternity programs and help reduce the expense incurred by our Brothers.

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Scholarship Program

The National Iota Foundation has as its core precept to enhance and further education of African American and minority youth. NIF is honoring our commitment to helping outstanding minority students who come from diverse backgrounds realize their maximum potential. The scholarship offerings are based on the concept that reducing or eliminating financial burdens can enable African American and minority students to excel in their studies, graduate college, and continue to be leaders throughout their lives.

This prominent program will be a viable means to foster educational excellence among youth and cultivate strong leaders for our future. Assistance will be provided under various named scholarships according to needs of target communities across the United States.

Scholarships Offered